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Chapter 61 Enemies Are Bound To Meet

  • Sure enough, the call was from a recruiter, and they seemed to be from a company called “Cute Pets.” However, Gwendolyn felt a little concerned as she didn't apply to it, nor had she ever taken care of animals.
  • Nonetheless, it seemed to be a well-known franchise store.
  • As it was difficult to find work these days, she gritted her teeth and decided to try it out. It was better to be employed, after all.
  • “Yes, I am. I'll be right over. Please let me know the address,” she said.
  • Gwendolyn ended the call after receiving the information. She then drove over in her car right away.
  • When she arrived, she discovered that Cute Pets was a massive store. It even had a large parking lot set aside for pet owners in front of the entrance.
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