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Chapter 54 Best Friend

  • Gwendolyn had just arrived home with the kids when she saw his text. Before she could reply and ask him what fondue he wanted, another text arrived.
  • After deleting the words she typed earlier, she replied: You'll still pay me even if I don't work today, right?
  • That was her primary concern. As she owed him a lot of money, she didn't want to take any days off.
  • At the thought of the theft today, which caused her to lose the money for Melanie's surgery, she felt sadness gripping her throat. Thus, she wanted to work hard to punish herself.
  • Gwendolyn vowed to work hard to repay her debts and earn the money to pay for Melanie's surgery together with Lucy.
  • After coming out of the shower, Patrick dried his hair with a towel before glancing at his phone.
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