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Chapter 51 The Encounter

  • The sight of the little girl with her hands on her hips made Gwendolyn chuckle in delight. Oh, how adorable.
  • Caressing Juliette's face, she explained with a grin, “My car broke down, so I couldn't come home and spent the night in a friend's house instead.”
  • She had already explained everything on the phone, and her sons didn't question her further. Clearly, her daughter was getting smarter by the day.
  • The man who's going to marry Juliette in the future will have a hard time, huh?
  • Juliette pouted. “Is your friend a man or a woman?”
  • My brothers said girls can't sleep with boys. I won't forget that, so I need to let Mommy know that, too.
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