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Chapter 44 Unregistered Product

  • Gwendolyn looked at him vigilantly, afraid that he would kiss her again. She stared at his bright red lips with widened, ready to pierce him with the needle at any moment.
  • Patrick saw her staring at his lips, and he wondered if she was wanting the same thing as him.
  • He smirked and then lowered his head to kiss her. Ever since he first saw her, he had wanted to taste her lips so bad, and now he was finally able to fulfill his wish.
  • Gwendolyn was stunned for a moment. When she felt the warmth on her lips, she blinked. Why is he kissing me again? Pervert!
  • Without any hesitation, she pressed her ring, and a thin and long needle appeared. She then pierced it into his neck.
  • At that moment, Patrick was extremely engrossed in the kiss.
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