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Chapter 39 Pitiful

  • Lucy gave Gwendolyn a hug. “Let's go. Zayden offered to send us to the hospital.”
  • They walked toward Zayden's car. Zayden stood beside the car, gazing at Gwendolyn intently.
  • Lucy asked softly, “Zayden has been pursuing you for years. Don't you have any feelings for him?”
  • Gwendolyn looked at the man clad in a brown suit. Zayden was good-looking and had a good family background, making him a great candidate for a husband.
  • However, Gwendolyn had always treated him only as a friend and had never had any extra feelings for him. Besides, she did not want to burden him.
  • She had met his family as well, and they wanted him to marry a woman of similar social status as them. His family did not like her either. They secretly gave her a cheque, asking her to leave Zayden.
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