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Chapter 34 Self Defense Tools

  • Gwendolyn had looked it up on the internet last night. However, there were too many types of self-defense tools to choose from. Also, she did not know whether those tools would work. Moreover, she was so poor now that she did not want to waste her money.
  • Thus, if Lucy knew anything about those tools, she could just share them with Gwendolyn.
  • Meanwhile, Lucy was enjoying the dishes made by Camille. Since Melanie's condition had been pretty serious recently, Lucy could not leave the hospital. Hence, she had been eating takeout for several months now. In fact, she had been eating so much takeout that she would puke if she had another such meal.
  • She looked very haggard. After working in Night City until four o'clock at night, she still had to go to the hospital to change shifts with the caregiver at seven o'clock. Therefore, she slept very little, and her mental state was not very good these days.
  • Lucy ate a piece of pork and smiled.
  • “Why are you suddenly thinking of buying self-defense tools? Did anyone bully you?”
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