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Chapter 142 The Kids Of Patrick

  • Yolanda smiled. “Fel, that's some harsh truth, but you are right. One of my cousins gave birth to a pair of twins. I noticed that her belly was ugly and wrinkly. It would be worse for Gwendolyn since she gave birth to triplets.”
  • Felicia focused on Benjamin who was standing beside Gwendolyn. She felt anger rise within her.
  • Wherever Gwendolyn is, Benjamin is there. To think that he used to ignore me when I wooed him in the past. However, now that I have Patrick as my fiancé, Benjamin is nothing in my eyes.
  • As Felicia was thinking about that, excitement filled her heart. She got out of the hot spring and strolled toward the one Gwendolyn was in.
  • She smiled as she stopped in between Gwendolyn and Benjamin.
  • Felicia turned toward Benjamin. She raised her brows. “Benjamin, I thought you always leave right after eating. Why did you suddenly become interested in joining us at the hot spring?”
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