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Chapter 104 Patrick Likes You

  • After exiting Lowen Group, Gwendolyn hailed a taxi to the hospital. She deliberately bought Melanie's favorite dessert and a cosmetics set for Lucy.
  • When she arrived at the ward, Melanie had gotten her injection and fallen asleep. Lucy was also sleeping beside the kid's bed.
  • Seeing that, Gwendolyn took a blanket and covered Lucy with it. Lucy was only lightly dozing, and she opened her eyes as she felt a warmth on her body.
  • She had gotten used to it two years ago, as she was worried about her kid. Hence, she would be awakened by even a little noise.
  • “You're here, Gwen,” Lucy remarked as she wiped her face.
  • “Just sleep a little longer.” Gwendolyn adjusted the blanket on Lucy.
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