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Chapter 10 Become Our Daddy

  • Patrick replied to her in an even more indifferent tone than Gwendolyn's. Then he strode off arrogantly, leaving everyone else with the sight of his back.
  • Liam was caught in an awkward situation. “We'll be leaving then, Ms. Ashton.”
  • Gwendolyn glared at Patrick's leaving figure. She wanted to scold him, but she had to suppress her rage with her daughter beside her. She rebuked him as she thought to herself. You're an impudent man, Patrick Lowen! What's up with that cocky attitude? You could've thrown the coat away if you're not going to wear it. No wonder you're marrying that b*tch, Felicia. The two of you are a perfect match for one another.
  • Juliette sensed her mother's anger. She chuckled at the sight of the latter's puffed cheeks.
  • “Don't be mad, Gwen. Don't you think that Mr. Handsome has quite a character? I think he's so gorgeous.”
  • Juliette had always been easily swayed by good-looking men. Gwendolyn was rendered speechless by her daughter's words. I wonder if she takes after the mother or father.
  • The two of them went home after they were done eating. Gwendolyn's two sons welcomed them at the door.
  • One of them prepared a pair of house slippers for Juliette while the other did the same for Gwendolyn.
  • Justin regarded his mother with a solemn gaze that was overly mature for a child of his age while Gwendolyn was changing her shoes.
  • “Mommy, the landlady was here earlier. She told us to pay the rent before next Monday. Otherwise, she will be renting this house to other people. Also, she raised the rent by an additional five hundred.”
  • He frowned slightly at the changes in Gwendolyn's facial expression. Did she notice the money we transferred to her bank account? She could have used the money to pay for the rent.
  • Juliette dragged Julian into the room and closed the door behind her. Then she took out a name card.
  • “Julian, look. I met with a very handsome man who resembles you and Justin. I want him to become our daddy.”
  • Julian ruffled his little sister's hair affectionately while raising his brow curiously. “Let me see that.”
  • He received the name card and shook his head after seeing Patrick's position as the CEO of Lowen Group. “He's too smart. Gwen can't handle him.”
  • After all, he was too familiar with his mother's nature. Gwendolyn was not very brilliant and was too kind. He was afraid that she would be bullied if her partner was too formidable a man.
  • Juliette pouted. “But I want him to become our daddy. Since you and Justin are both so smart, we don't have to fear his brilliance with the two of you around, am I right?”
  • She tugged at Julian's sleeves and gazed at him with eyes filled with anticipation.
  • Justin and Julian doted on Juliette very much in the first place. They would strive to fulfill all her wishes, so Julian nodded because he noticed his little sister was fond of that man.
  • “Fine. If you like him so much, we will help Mommy win his heart.”
  • Gwendolyn responded after listening to Justin, “All right. I know now. You should go have fun with your brother and sister.”
  • Justin stood rooted to his spot and stared at her. “Mommy, we still have enough money, right?”
  • He was sounding her out to see if she had noticed the money they had transferred to her bank account.
  • Gwendolyn stroked Justin's handsome face and comforted him, “Don't worry. I'll pay the rent tomorrow. We won't be chased out of here.”
  • Justin had gotten used to that unstable lifestyle. Previously, their family had been kicked out by a landlord, and they had been forced to walk on the streets carrying their luggage. That was why he and Julian hoped they could grow up faster to share Gwendolyn's burden.
  • Gwendolyn's expression grew somber as she checked the pending bills to pay in her bedroom. The rent was two thousand a month, totaling up to twelve thousand for half a year's payment.
  • In addition, the fees for Justin and Julian's training classes as well as Juliette's piano lessons cost twenty thousand each, so she had to fork out another sixty thousand in total.
  • Gwendolyn felt that she was on the verge of breaking down.
  • She had no other choice but to revisit her previous job as a Night City dancer. She was the best dancer there, and the pay was relatively handsome. She had depended on that source of income to raise her three children to their current age.
  • Gwendolyn had initially thought that she could leave that career behind her forever. However, the reality was cruel to her. She had to continue working there before she found a new job.