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Submitting To My Lycan Prince Mate

Submitting To My Lycan Prince Mate


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 I Want This Dress

  • Claire's POV
  • "Oh my goodness, this is absolutely stunning!" Olivia gasped, covering her mouth in excitement. "Claire, promise me you'll wear this dress for the proposal!"
  • Before us was a breathtaking blue slit dress, displayed in the store window. The sun shone through the glass, creating a wave-like effect upon the dress, and thousands of Swarovski diamonds glittered like stars in the gentle sunlight. It was so beautiful that I found it hard to catch my breath.
  • "It's so dazzling," commented Helen, my wolf.
  • Before coming to this high-end boutique, I had always imagined the dress I would wear for the proposal. In my mind, it had to be elegant, stunning, and most importantly, beautiful enough to outshine my stepmother Rachel and my stepsister Cathy.
  • This dress was not only going to be the special one for the proposal, but also a symbol of my departure from this dreadful family. Everything was going to start afresh, and my future would be as glamorous as this dress.
  • "You have to buy it!" Olivia exclaimed, shaking my arm. "Claire, this dress was made for you. Look at your gorgeous golden brown wavy hair and your slim figure. I can picture you in it! Your sister Cathy will be green with envy when she sees you."
  • "Well, I do feel like this dress was made for me," I agreed. To be honest, I was also smitten with the dress. Turning to the saleswoman, I said, "I would like to try on this dress, please."
  • "Mom, look! I want this dress!"
  • As I was waiting for the saleswoman to take the dress for me, a familiar voice called out behind me. I didn't turn my head and I knew who she was.
  • It was my stepsister Cathy.
  • "Your sister is here, Claire," whispered my friend Olivia. She grabbed my arm, clearly unhappy with Cathy's presence.
  • I wasn't surprised that Cathy and her mother Rachel had shown up.
  • I glanced at them. A bright pink caught my eye. As they approached, I began to see more details of Cathy's coat. It's a collarless, buttoned wool pink jacket and a straight A-line skirt.
  • I sneered and looked down at my clothes today. It's the same brand, style and color, but Cathy's clothes have obvious ironing marks.
  • She smiled at me and ran her hand through his hair.
  • Well, I see the same nail color as mine. But she used a stronger perfume. I can't help crinkling my nose.
  • Damn, this perfume is my favorite brand, too.
  • "She's just a copycat," I muttered to Olivia under my breath.
  • "Hey, isn't that my dear sister?" Cathy called out to me in a sickly sweet voice, pretending we were on good terms.
  • She approached me, rubbed her body against mine, and pushed Olivia aside. "Are you looking for a dress? Why didn't you ask me for help?"
  • "Even if I don't call you, you always manage to show up wherever I am, copying everything I do," I retorted.
  • Cathy's face twisted slightly. "What are you talking about, sis? I'm here to buy a gown for the annual banquet. And, as Daddy's favorite daughter, only the best shop is worthy of my status," she said, stretching out the word "favorite" mockingly.
  • From the moment our father brought her home, Cathy learned to compete with me. She knew exactly how to sting me, just like she was doing now.
  • She was making a point to me. Although she and I are our father's daughters, they are more like a family, and I am an outsider.
  • My mother died 10 years ago. Soon after, my father married Rachel and brought home Cathy, his illegitimate daughter. Since then, I have felt like an orphan in my own family, while Cathy has become our father's "only" daughter. I was like an elephant in the room – everyone saw me, but no one paid attention to me.
  • I will never forget a day from ten years ago when I had a conflict with Cathy. My father bought her a dress, but not me. I gathered the courage to ask my father why, and he replied casually, "Claire, it's just a dress. Cathy is your sister. I let her down as a child and left her without a family for a long time. This gift is just to make up for it."
  • "What about me? Do you feel sorry for me? Ever since my mother died, you've become Cathy's father!" I cried.
  • My father was indifferent to my tears.
  • "What are you talking about, Claire? Have I ever mistreated you?" He said, even joking, "You have a huge inheritance from your mother. Look, she only left it to you. You're richer than I am!"
  • I fell apart. "So you think money is more important than love? You cheated on my mother with another woman and had a bastard child. You made my mother's last days miserable and humiliated. Is this just because I'm not sharing her inheritance with you?"
  • "Pow!"
  • My father responded to me with a crisp slap. I stepped a few steps when he hit me. My head buzzed like a million bees wildly buzzing in my ears, and my vision began to blur. I looked up stubbornly and saw that my father had become three quivering shadows in my line of sight.
  • His index finger was almost on the bridge of my nose. "What are you talking about? Go back to your room! Next time I find out that you disrespect your stepmother and sister so much, I'll kick your ass!"
  • I covered my face like a defeated wolf with its tail between its legs and moved against the wall. Two seconds later, Cathy appeared. She stood in the shadow of the second floor and looked at me with a sneer.
  • "I heard you arguing with father. I'm telling you. Ever since I came to this house, I've been the new owner here. B.itch, My mom and dad and I are family. You're not welcome in this house! This is my house. Get out!"
  • From that day on, I had a firm idea that I had to leave this home, leave this hypocritical family. But I wasn't going to walk out of here like a loser. I would leave as a winner. I would say yes to my boyfriend, Joe Russo, at the ceremony and marry him with the one million grand my mother had left me. My father had no son. I was his eldest daughter. According to pack rules, if I got married to Joe, I would be the next Luna, and he would be the new Alpha, the leader of the pack.
  • Joe and I had been dating for two years. Our relationship was stable, and he was the son of the Beta of our pack. He was handsome and charming, had a wolf of great strength. He would give me comfort and strength when I was lonely. When I was with him, I felt the happiness of having a family again.
  • Although we weren't each other's fated mates, we swore to be chosen mates when we turned 18. I believed in him. I believed the power of loyalty was greater than the bond of a mate. I wanted to choose my future husband. I wanted to put my fate in my hands.
  • Joe was going to propose to me tomorrow. The turning point in my life was coming. I would stand in front of everyone like a queen and say goodbye to my old life.
  • I'll take charge of my pack and show them who the boss is.