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Chapter 22

  • My chest and mind swelled with anger because of how I feel now even more and when I find out why Kobe kept me waiting.  I called him early so we could meet because we talked, we talked ok then when I got there I just looked stupid waiting there.  I called but his phone was off.
  • I was kicking my pillows here on my bed out of annoyance even more and I knew earlier maybe they were together here.
  • That fucking Camilla, pretended to be angry with Kobe and now they're ok right away?
  • "Ugh!"  I moaned because I couldn’t move on with the piss, I stood up and I didn’t know if I was going to come out or not.  When I go out I get even more annoyed, but if not?  What comes to my mind while sitting on my bed.
  • The Kobe beast seemed to have nothing to see me while he waited for me.  But wait where did he find the house we were staying in?
  • I sat down and thought again, I thought I went down and I wore short jeans shorts and I was just sleeveless red.  Every step I take on the stairs drives me.  When I got down I found Kobe alone on the couch and I noticed that Camilla was gone.
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