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Chapter 242 Overcoming Fear

  • “This happened in my territory. I should be held accountable. I will certainly give you an explanation.”
  • On one hand, he and Zong Jinghao were partners. On the other, anyone doing this in his territory was challenging him.
  • He could not tolerate anyone doing something so outrageous in his hotel. How could he remain in control of the business if this was allowed to go unpunished?
  • As a leader, there were some things that he must overlook and be generous about. Similarly, there were other things that must never be condoned.
  • The hotel manager who seemed to have found someone to take over this responsibility, walked over and said, “I have checked the monitoring recordings. The perpetrator seems to be very familiar with the surveillance layout of our hotel. He has avoided many cameras that can take pictures of the face. We just questioned the staff who delivered the gift box. He is not able to provide any leads...”
  • Bai Yinning lifted his gaze to Zong Jinghao who had been silent so far. Behind the sofa were French windows. It was a bright and sunny day. He was leaning with his back against the window and Bai Yinning could not see his facial expression under the contrast. After some thought, Bai Yinning said, “Obviously, the culprit has targeted Ms. Lin. Mr. Zong, do you have any suspects?”
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