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Chapter 6

  • Chapter Six
  • “Please pack my paperwork and put them on my desk. I’ll be back early tomorrow to finish up.” he pulled the door open wider, but she moved and stood smack in the middle of the doorway.
  • “Anything to make your life less stressful,” She raised her hand and wrapped his blue tie around her finger, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”
  • Dave looked at her, tempted to throw her on his desk and ravish her and just unknot his body. She was asking for it and he did need a good shag to relax, but his daughter needed him.
  • “I’ll let you know,” he pulled his tie out of her hold and gently pushed her aside, “Right now I need to get to my daughter.”
  • It took him eight minutes to get to the office parking, way too long for him. He pulled the car out and drove as fast as possible to his Manhattan home. All he could think about was the stranger taking care of his daughter and how instantly she could turn out to be a kidnapper. He resented his wife and how irresponsible she could be. This was one of the times he felt sure that she didn’t care about their daughter at all.
  • Dave married Amy fresh out of college. They were in love, at least he was. She just loved the idea of being the wife of a future big shot lawyer, which he presently was. She had a law degree, but she opted not to work. She wanted to have fun while she was still young, and Dave was earning good money in his first two years as a lawyer. They travelled, went to exotic places, tried out new things, went skiing, mountain climbing and partied, they had a wonderful, never ending honeymoon. They were the ‘IT’ young couple everyone wanted to be, until she got pregnant, and then everything was shot to hell.
  • She got completely hysterical when she found out. She didn’t want a baby; she didn’t want to get fat and loose her figure and she most certainly didn’t want to stop enjoying life to take care of a child. She said she was too young to be a mother at the age of twenty eight, which Dave found ridiculous, but he always chocked all her complaints up to hormones and the fear of being a new mother. Dave was scared too, but he was excited about being a father, he always wanted children and he looked forward to it. He only figured out that she was serious when a clinic called to confirm an appointment for her abortion. He got so furious, they fought the whole night about it, she got erratically fumed when she found out he cancelled her appointment. She threatened to leave him if he didn’t let her do it, he promised to have her arrested for murder and he would personally work the case against her and make sure she got twenty to life. She didn’t doubt he would, he’d managed to win cases that seemed impossible on several occasions. That marked the end of the argument and their relationship. She moved out of their room, and for the next seven months they barely even spoke.
  • Once their daughter was born, he thought he would get his wife back, but he got just the opposite, a more resentful woman who hated him for chaining her down with a baby. From the moment she first held their daughter, he could see the anger and resentment she had for the infant and in that same moment, he stopped loving the wife he once worshipped.
  • He pulled into his driveway to find a strange woman standing at the door. He got out of the car and walked towards her, praying that she was Sharon and not an eyewitness to his daughter’s kidnapping. When he got closer she smiled at him, he just stared at her, not at all sure if he should return the smile or not. He did. Just in case it was Sharon. She must have met his wife and he didn’t want her to think they were both sour.
  • “Mr. Greer?” Dave nodded waiting for bad news. In his line of work, there was always bad news and his personal life had caught on. She extended her hand to him, her smile widening, “I’m Sharon.”
  • Dave let go of a relieved breath and shook her hand, “Nice to meet you.” He looked at her properly, she looked sixteen, “Thanks for watching my daughter.” He ushered her inside and closed the door behind him. He caught her staring at him, a naughty gleam in her eyes.
  • “I could stay a while until your wife comes back.” She nibbled on her lower lip as her eyes moved over him. He could already guess what she was thinking.
  • Dave was handsome and had a face that pulled attention to him. Amy used to say that his blue eyes hypnotized her, but she didn’t like the fact he had changed his brunette, boyish haircut, to a more mature cut. She didn’t like mature. Dave was attractively tall and lean. He didn’t take the time to work out, but his eventful life kept him well in shape.
  • He put his briefcase down and took off his jacket. He was too tired for another seduction attempt especially from jailbait, “How much do I owe you?”
  • She swung on her heels and stared at him under her lashes, “How about I come back tomorrow, and we can discuss that then?”
  • “Before or after your parents get me arrested for statutory rape?” he smiled at her surprised reaction. He took out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet and gave it to her, “Thank you. Where is my daughter?”
  • “She’s upstairs in her crib.” She picked up her jacket and walked to the door. Dave was about to go upstairs before she stopped him, “Mr. Greer, as a child speaking on behalf of another child, you need to find someone who’ll always be with Elizabeth. Your wife left the door wide open with a note pinned to it. It’s a good thing I got here when I did.” she opened the door and left.
  • Dave stood there for a minute consumed with anger. He hated Amy more now than he ever did before. He rushed upstairs to his daughter’s room, she was sound asleep in her crib, looking like the little angel that she was. He felt guilty of how her mother didn’t love her, the only thing he could do was love her for the both of them. He wanted to divorce Amy, but he knew she would fight for full custody just to hurt him, then she would leave her with more strangers who might not turn out to be as good as Sharon. The thought of losing his daughter, to anyone, especially Amy, was a nightmare he was not willing to live. There was nothing else to do and there was no visible option yet, apart from staying married to the witch.