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Selling My Innocence To The Mr. CEO

Selling My Innocence To The Mr. CEO


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Virginity For Sale

  • Teresa’s POV
  • My name is Teresa Thompson, I am 19 years old and I study accounting at the public university in my city. Right now, I am walking through a nightclub, feeling nervous as tonight is the day I will sell something very precious ... my virginity.
  • It wasn't an easy decision to make, but I didn't see any other options available to me.
  • How did I end up in this situation? How did I end up in a nightclub full of wealthy men who enjoyed buying the virginity of young girls to satisfy some strange fetish? Well, it didn't happen overnight, but rather it was something that had been forming for years.
  • My parents got married young due to an unplanned pregnancy. My mother had my brother at 16 and me at 19. Because she had two children, my mother couldn't enjoy her youth or attend university as she had to take care of us at home.
  • My father was somewhat similar to my mother. He had to find a job to support his children and could only leave a public university due to the expenses of raising two kids.
  • Whether it was my father or my mother, neither of them could pursue their dreams of youth. Instead, they had to raise my brother and me. Perhaps my father didn't like this situation very much, but that was the reality.
  • Years passed, and while my family wasn't rich, we weren't poor either. We were solidly middle class, and my childhood was relatively happy. Everything was going well until my father abandoned us three years ago when I was 16.
  • The woman he left us for was a young teacher who taught at the high school I attended. She was beautiful, while my mother had let herself go over the years. Perhaps my father saw in that woman the youth he hadn't experienced or maybe something else.
  • The truth is, he ended up abandoning the family. He only sent us a text message saying he was tired and wanted to regain the excitement of life... we haven't heard from him since then.
  • My father's abandonment didn't sit well with the family. He was our provider, so his departure affected us greatly. My brother, who had just started university, had to partially abandon it because he had to find a part-time job to help support the family.
  • He wasn't the only one. My mother and I also started working part-time, whether as waitresses or cashiers in restaurants. Due to our lack of education, we couldn't aspire to something bigger at that time.
  • My mother decided to pursue a degree online while working to aim for something better. Thanks to the three part-time jobs we had, we could pay the bills.
  • Things weren't going well, but they weren't going badly either, or at least that was the case until a year ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, it was detected early, but she needed treatment to eliminate it.
  • From here on, things went downhill. The cancer treatment was expensive, and our part-time jobs wouldn't be enough to cover the expenses needed to save my mother.
  • Our savings quickly depleted. Over time, my mother couldn't continue working because she needed to be hospitalized. It was one less income to rely on. Between my brother and me, we needed to pay for our house, our food, and our mother's treatment. With just the salaries from our part-time jobs, it wouldn't be enough to cover so many expenses.
  • I was at my limit, and I didn't know what to do until a friend from university came to me with a suggestion.
  • First, she asked if I was still a virgin. Answering that question made me feel embarrassed. I was a 19-year-old girl in the 21st century, and it was rare to still be a virgin at my age. I swallowed my embarrassment and told her yes. Then she told me that I could sell my virginity to the highest bidder.
  • She knew certain clubs of wealthy gentlemen who had a fetish for deflowering young women.
  • The pleasure that this gave them, if they needed money urgently, they could recommend me to them and thus get a good amount of money in just one night.
  • I was scandalized when I heard that she herself had sold her virginity some time ago, she told me how much she had been able to get and I was stunned to hear the amount she obtained.
  • She needed money for her mother's treatment, and her part-time job was not going to be enough to cover it, not to mention all the other household expenses.
  • It took me several days to decide, but in the end I made up my mind, I decided to sell my virginity, and I told my friend to recommend me.
  • I didn't tell my brother or my mother about what I was going to do, if they knew about my plans, they would most likely try to persuade me not to do it, and I didn't want to hear their words, neither of them had a solution to our problems, while I did.
  • Selling my virginity could alleviate our financial problems, it couldn't solve all of our problems completely, but at least it could do it for a while.
  • When the day came to go to the nightclub, my friend told me that I should dress up as best as I could, the prettier I looked, the more money I could get, so I spent the whole afternoon trying on different dresses and putting on the best makeup I had.
  • I wore a red and low-cut dress, red was the most eye-catching and exciting color, so I decided to wear it for tonight, when I was finally ready, I went to meet my friend, and she took me to the nightclub where I met the supervisor, who explained all the rules to me.
  • I had to go through an inspection first, a woman in her thirties made sure that I was a virgin as I claimed, the club had a reputation to maintain, so they had to make sure everything was perfect.
  • Once my virginity was confirmed, I was ordered to wait with other girls, all of them would be called in turns to the stage where their virginity would be auctioned off, three girls had already gone before me, and I was nervous, as the next one would be me.
  • "Teresa! It's your turn!" said a woman in her twenties, looking at me.
  • "Here we go."
  • After saying this, I start walking towards the stage, while my nerves start to accelerate my heart.