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Chapter 5 A wolf in Sheep’s clothing

  • I sat on the corner of my bed, staring out at the stars, late at night. Hatred engraved in my heart, my chest was beating violently, and I felt so frightened and confused. I heard footsteps outside and that’s what got me into such a state…I knew exactly who it was.
  • As the door opened, I saw Jonathan approaching, I heard each step clearly under the light of the full moon. I dared not move, biting my finger, I stared at his every move, trembling. He stood beside me, looking down into my eyes. He sensed my fear, and he smiled gently saying, "Are you afraid of me?”
  • I nodded uneasily and lowered my head to avoid looking at him. "If you obey me, I won't hurt you," he said. My heart was beating fast. "Don't sit on the ground. It’s cold and you’ll get sick..." Then he stooped down and picked me up, then took me to the bed, tucking me in and whispering, “goodnight."
  • The duvet was light and warm. I could feel the soft texture of cotton and it still smelled of fabric softener. After he went out, I sat back and found that what he said was true, the ground was very cold. Suddenly, the door opened again. Jonathan stood there, looking at me with a blank expression on his face.
  • I jumped up in terror and scrambled into bed, peeping at him from under my duvet. He was still looking at me in a blank expression. I could see him smile vaguely, a look of tenderness flowing from his eyes. He said, "It may take some time to adapt to the new environment." After he left, I was staring at the door from my bed, but he didn't come in again. I finally fell asleep.
  • In a dream, I saw my father and I took him by the sleeve and said, "Daddy, please don't leave me," he hugged me, and I could hear his steady heartbeat.
  • "I miss you, and mom!” I cried, laying on his shoulder because the dream was incredibly real. I held him tightly in my arms and cried, "I know you'll leave at dawn... so I'm afraid... please don't leave me in this place"
  • He patted me on my back until I was no longer afraid. Yes, I wasn’t afraid at all. God arranged an opportunity for my stay with the enemy. It’s for me to take revenge on him, instead of fearing him.
  • When I was eleven years old, I thought that I could stab him in the back with a knife when he didn’t seem so threatening. But the blood just soaked his white shirt, and he turned and pointed at me, staring at me in disbelief. Finally, he fell in front of me.
  • On a sunny day, when I slipped into the kitchen to get a sharp knife, I never saw Miss Lucy, the maidservant, but suddenly heard a noise. I leaned over the window and looked out. A bald man swaggered his body, followed by two or three dozen tall and strong men, who trod all over the lawn as they walked into the yard.
  • Jonathan was sitting at a round table next to the pool, calmly, drinking red wine. The bald man sat down opposite him.
  • "Morning, Boss, long time no see! You can call me Mr. Han if you don't mind," he smiled and added, "You know I have been out of contact with life on the streets for several years, so I'm not used to hearing others speak that way."
  • " Don’t give me that," Jonathan snapped and the bald man's eyes were wide open, "Dan Lyle is my brother, you’d better give me an account."
  • "Sorry, I have a short memory, I don't remember Dan Lyle," the bald man replied.
  • The bald man grabbed a bottle and smashed it on the table and threatened to cut Jonathan’s throat. Jonathan glanced at the bottle and leaned back over his chair casually and said, "If it’s too difficult for you to respect me, don’t bother."
  • "I know you took Dan's cargo and told the police to arrest him!" The man sighed slowly, and added, " If you return the cargo, I can let go of this matter, otherwise..." "
  • Not waiting for him to finish, Jonathan seized his arm, gave him a good kick in the leg, and stabbed the broken bottle into his chest. It happened too quickly before the bald man’s bodyguards could even take out their weapons from their pockets. Jonathan had already dragged him away gesturing at his bodyguards to look back.
  • They stood still, finding they were surrounded. After kicking him several feet away, Jonathan took a cloth to wipe the blood from his hands. Then, he informed one of the bodyguards. "Call the police... an armed robber broke into the house. He may be suspected of attempted murder!
  • Then he picked up the phone again, smiled and said, "Troy, can you deal with your problems, please? Don’t get me involved in your business…” "That’s all right. It's settled, a piece of cake... " he said.
  • “Drugs are evil, you'd better not try... Come on, I know you..."Blondes? Rather than sending blondes to comfort me, it’s better to arrange some swift bodyguards to protect me. After all, life is of much more significance than anything else right now,” he said as he continued the conversation.