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Chapter 3 Glimpse of the Past

  • In the two years at the orphanage, I never said a word. When I was hungry, I would take some food from the table, and when I am tired, I would sleep on the bed for a while. I spent the rest of the time hiding in the corner of the room, holding my knees facing the dusty windows. Everyone thought I was a fool, and locked me in a narrow room in case I ran around. No one cared about me or even bothered glancing at me, except for the little boy who brought food to my room every day. He told me his name was Steven Luo.
  • I never looked at him carefully until one stormy night. On that rainy night, I held my body in terror, with my back against the wall. The chain on the door was struck by the wind, I dared not move nor speak. When the door opened, Steven came in, his entire body drenched. He squatted down beside me and saw me trembling and asked, "Are you terrified?"
  • I moved my thin body, staring at him with frightened eyes. As the lightning flashed through the window, I saw his face. He was just a teenager and his cheeks were dull and his skin was pale yellow. But he had big, bright eyes and long eyelashes. With his charming nose and lips, he could be handsome if he had been well nourished.
  • The storm got worse and he stretched out his thin arms around me. "Don't be afraid. I'll protect you," he said. His arms were warm, just like my dead brother’s...
  • Holding his clothes tightly, I lay on his shoulder, trying to absorb the warmth of his body. That night, he did not leave, and kept telling me, “Take it easy, I am here for you.” I was still scared, but I wasn't lonely anymore.
  • Since that day, he often came to keep me company. He would always tell me stories about the outside world and when talking about funny things, he could not stop laughing. Most of the time I would stare at the glass windows which he had wiped clean.
  • Outside, the sky was bright and clear... the short days and long nights passed silently. I couldn’t forget the happy days and often missed my parents.
  • After countless nightmares and hallucinations, I found that nothing could bring back the past. Bear in mind that I was an orphan, and my home had been destroyed by a cruel man. I remembered that face over and over
  • again.
  • I told myself, “Jonathan, one day I will look for you!” But I never thought that the day would come so soon...
  • One summer day, the sun shone into the room and cast its light on the dust in the air. As I looked out of the window, Steven was combing my hair. A black car stopped in the yard, from which a tall, slender figure emerged.
  • The man in a black shirt and long trousers looked somewhat out of place on that summer day.
  • I hurried to the window to look more closely at the face that I would never forget. "Jonathan Li," I whispered," I could recognize him even if he was burned in ashes!" At that moment, I rushed out of the room in a state of panic. I ran up to him, quivering...
  • He was so tall that I had to look up at him. His build had not changed, but the expression in his eyes was more gloomy than before.
  • "Do you know about me?" he asked as he squatted in front of me. I thought he would recognize me, but he looked at me like a stranger.
  • "The little girl is pretty, just too thin," one of his bodyguards behind him said. I also remembered that man, with a dead look in his eyes, and a scrawny face, he killed my mother and threw me from the second floor ...
  • Then I just lost it, I ducked down and bit his long finger fiercely with all my strength, no matter how hard he tried to break away from me, he couldn't. Eventually, he pinched my cheek with his other hand, it was so painful that I let go.
  • Looking at his bleeding fingers, and glancing at me, he remained calm, without showing any emotion on his face. I hadn't figured out how to fight back yet, suddenly somebody rushed towards him. It was Steven Luo. Steven kicked him in the ankle. When he dodged him, Steven immediately used his head to attack his waist. His actions were so swift that it was hard to believe. The man behind him suddenly grabbed him and kept him still by holding his hands behind his back as he tried to pull me away.
  • "The boy is very alert," the bodyguard touched his shoulders and legs and said, with a satisfied look on his face, "Boss, he is in good shape."
  • "Well good to hear that!" said Jonathan. As he walked towards the car, he left with the words, “Talk to the manager, the boy is the right person." His words reminded me of the scene two years ago when my brother rushed towards me as he crossed the road with his arms open when he saw me falling down the stairs. Unfortunately, he couldn't even protect himself.
  • At that point, I wanted to cry for him, but I couldn't make a sound in my throat. Finally, he even lost the opportunity to hear me call him, “dear brother.”
  • "No, no. " I was frightened and pushed the man's arm away and shouted. I owned nothing, but Steven, and he was the only one I could rely on in the world. I couldn't lose him too. At that moment, Steven held me tightly in his arms. It was the first time I had cried in two years. The first words I said to him were, "Run quickly, my brother."
  • "Anton!" said a charming voice from behind me, "Carry this girl with you."
  • "Yes boss!" he replied and took me immediately.