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Chapter 997 Sebastian Returning To Hayes Corporation

  • While Sasha felt awkward to see him, she was not unhappy. In fact, she felt relieved.
  • Empire Elementary?
  • Solomon studied the gift basket for a moment before saying, “Are you planning to send them there? If you're going to, there's no need for you to send them this. I'll just inform them about you.”
  • “No, no. That's not what I mean,” Sasha hurriedly explained. “I know it's easy to enroll in that school, but I'd like to extend my gratitude to the teachers. Don't you know that some of the teachers have it tough nowadays?”
  • At that, she furrowed her brows.
  • Solomon fell silent as he turned to study the woman's pretty side profile. All of a sudden, something emerged in his mind, and a myriad of emotions danced across his eyes behind the glasses.
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