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Chapter 977 Who Was That Woman

  • In the end, Jonathan did not let Candice go.
  • Aside from revoking her rights to claiming her allowance from Oceanic Estate as a member of The Ataraxy, he also ordered Mark to send her to The Substratum.
  • The Substratum was an impoverished and remote place. Whoever sent there would have a hard life.
  • “No, no, Uncle Jonathan. I'm sorry... I'm sorry. Please give me another chance, Uncle Jonathan...” On all fours, Candice implored Jonathan pitifully.
  • However, Jonathan shoved her aside with a kick.
  • “I've given you a chance. You made a huge mistake last time, and you were locked up for half a year. Yet, you didn't learn from your mistake, and you expect me to give you another chance? Take her away!” Jonathan cried.
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