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Chapter 974 Torn Palm

  • Although Jonathan's family is a total mess, his contribution to the country's safety is undeniably the greatest of all. All of his soldiers have fought and bled for the country's sake for decades! Practically everyone in the country looks up to him! There's no way he'd fall victim to such a conspiracy unless he chose to!
  • Alfred stared blankly at Sebastian's back as he stormed off and let out a wry chuckle when he finally disappeared from his sight.
  • “You've raised one hell of a son, Shin. It's a shame he hates this career path like you did. With his capability and smarts, those guys wouldn't stand a chance at all!”
  • Sebastian thought Sasha would be waiting for him outside, only to realize she was gone.
  • “Mr. Jadeson is out, Old Mr. Jadeson!”
  • Mark had been waiting in front of an old-fashioned black car for quite a long time, and he began yelling excitedly while waving his arms the moment he saw Sebastian.
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