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Chapter 952 Teach Her A Lesson

  • The driver asked curiously, “Ms. Jadeson, what do you mean?”
  • “Didn't that old man make that b*tch the lady of the Jadesons? In that case, this is the perfect chance to test her capability. Now that two people died concurrently, she would be famous if she could deal with it successfully.”
  • Candice played with the jade bracelet on her left wrist nonchalantly. An evil smile crept onto her face that resembled Charles'.
  • When the driver saw Candice's expression, she couldn't help but feel chills run down her spine.
  • How could this be a rare opportunity? It's already embarrassing that two people died in Red Pavilion concurrently. Now that every Jadesons are worried about it, how could she make such a remark? The only explanation is that she plans to use this chance to bring Sasha down.
  • But I guess that makes sense. Judging from the current situation, if The Ataraxy hopes to regain its previous glory and secures its footing, becoming the one who takes charge of the Jadesons is their best choice.
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