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Chapter 941 Tight Spot

  • “But... that doesn't mean he has to harm uncle. They're brothers, after all. He could have voiced out about the mistreatment he had to endure. Why did he choose to do such a vicious act?”
  • After recollecting himself, Devin eventually pinned all the blame on his father for what happened.
  • Jasmine was beyond exasperated upon hearing that.
  • Sebastian, who had heard everything standing behind, also felt a blow to his heart.
  • This is where Devin's different from his parents. Even though he might lack responsibility and capability, his views are often righteous. And he always looks at the whole picture before judging.
  • “What did you say? How could you say that your dad was vicious? What an unfilial son you are! If he didn't do what he did, you wouldn't even have a place in the Jadesons right now!”
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