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Chapter 922 I Am Here

  • “Who told you to say that? Huh? Did I give you the authority? Why did you force him to send the lunatic to 711? Did you think that you were really smart to have come up with such a perfect solution?”
  • “No... It's not that, Sir. I... I just said it on a whim,” Walter stuttered as he tried to explain.
  • Just as he spoke, the middle-aged man bellowed at him with even greater intensity.
  • “On a whim? What a smart*ss you are. Your whim has messed up my carefully planned moves. Whose side are you really on anyway?” The angry middle-aged man snarled in his chair.
  • Walter looked up in fear.
  • “Sir, I... Of course I'm on your side. Please don't misunderstand. I didn't do it on purpose just now. I was thinking since that lunatic has been diagnosed as clinically insane, we won't be able to dispose of him. Hence, it would be a good idea to lock him up at 711 instead.”
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