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Chapter 868 What Nonsense Has He Done

  • In this era of technology, barely five minutes passed before Jonathan and Mark saw the pictures of Hubert's death being published online.
  • They even included photos depicting the graphic details of his death.
  • “What the f*ck?” Even Mark could not help but curse out loud. “Look, Old Mr. Jadeson! So it's true that he's been murdered. In that case, that means this whole thing about microchips is true too! How dare he do something like that?” he asked fearfully.
  • Jonathan remained silent, but his expression was ghastly grim. Fury raged through his eyes.
  • Hubert wasn't bold enough to do that! He's just an ordinary cabinet member, so he isn't influential enough. There must be a mastermind behind his back. Who could it be?
  • Jonathan did not even need to wonder who it was. To be honest, he was not surprised by these events. As someone who had been in the focal of power for decades, he was used to the dirty tricks some would play to secure their own authority.
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