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Chapter 849 Mommy Was Bullied Again

  • “Dr. West, I was merely trying not to embarrass you!” Finally, Tony's patience snapped.
  • What is he trying to imply by saying that I don't have a husband? Isn't my husband Mr. Hayes?
  • After Sasha was driven out of the room, she fumed in rage. Initially, she'd expected things to go smooth-sailing; yet, everything turned out to be a massive disaster.
  • What should I do now? Am I really going to leave like this?
  • Sasha looked to the side and saw her teary-eyed daughter. Determinedly, she pulled out her phone and sent a WhatsApp message.
  • Macy texted: Mr. Hayes, are you there? Earlier, your Grandpa drove me out. He claims that I'm not curing you. But the truth is the exact opposite. I have been putting all my energy into making sure you recover. Besides, you've begun to show signs of improvement too. Can you convince him to let me back in?
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