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Chapter 820 She Should Let Go

  • Magnus decided to release Calvin in the end.
  • Devin was the future heir of the Jadesons. Although Magnus was from the White family, he was merely Alfred's nephew. Hence, he did not dare to oppose someone who was the heir of a military family.
  • “No way, Devin! Are you helping her? Who is she? How can she make you, a rich heir who has never shown any interest in women, intervene?”
  • Although Magnus released Calvin, he was still unwilling to accept defeat.
  • After Devin came down, he glared at Sabrina furiously and asked. Casting everything else aside, he still did not believe that she could actually fork out that much money.
  • When Devin heard that, he scoffed coldly, “I'm helping her? No, I'm helping you! If you provoke her, she can tear this entire club down.”
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