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Chapter 813 Happiness Is Close At Hand

  • Sasha texted back: Really?
  • She was literally buzzing with excitement when she saw that text. She almost couldn't hold her phone.
  • The professor replied: Of course. His alter ego is born because his main personality went into hiding. If the main personality returns, then the alter ego has no reason to exist.
  • But you'll need to observe him closely. If I'm correct, the return of his main personality is most probably caused by the recent changes in his attitude, the professor suddenly made a turn in his text.
  • Recent changes? What kind of changes? Sasha didn't quite get it, since she didn't learn too much about psychology.
  • The professor explained: I'm talking about how his alter ego sees things in the first place. If I recall correctly, you told me he was bloodthirsty and resented the world after his alter ego showed up.
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