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Chapter 809 He Has Too Much Time On His Hands

  • Sasha and Vivian got into the car.
  • As expected, the moment she got into the car, Sebastian complained, “What took you so long?”
  • Sasha quickly explained, “Vivi was with Solomon, so I had to explain it to him. Oh right, Mr. Hayes. Do you have anything else you need to settle here?”
  • Sebastian started the engine and drove away from the hospital. He looked at the rear-view mirror and answered, “Of course. Why else would I come all the way here for?”
  • Sasha kept quiet after that. He has something else to do here? Well, that just takes the surprise visit aspect out of the window as well. He just took Vivi with him because she won't get in his way.
  • Sasha looked outside the window, telling herself that it was enough that he actually came with Vivian to see her, even if it wasn't his real plan.
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