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Chapter 803 Broken Heart

  • Once she sent the message, Sasha began to wait anxiously.
  • At the same time, Haruto entered to change her bandages. Although Sasha had just regained the strength to leave the bed, he caught sight of Sasha standing in front of the ward's table with her eyes fixated intensely on her phone.
  • The sight left him stunned.
  • “Ms. Wand, what are you doing?” Haruto asked in a tone of disbelief.
  • “I'm waiting for a message,” Sasha replied without turning around.
  • Haruto's eyes widened in shock. “Waiting for a message? Then why are you standing up? You should be waiting for it while lying in bed. If Mr. Akiyama sees you like this, he will berate you again.”
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