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Chapter 770 Cousin

  • After pondering for a while, Sasha made her way to the main wing of the residence.
  • To her surprise, the housemaids were all very occupied. They were all busy wiping the furniture and carpeting the floor. Some of them were even decorating the hall by hanging colorful balloons on the wall.
  • Are all these preparations merely for welcoming Jonathan's return? Well, I don't think it's as simple as that. It's uncommon for him to gather all the Jadesons out of the blue. Hmm! I bet he must be thinking of putting everything that has happened in these two months to an end!
  • Haha...
  • Sasha snickered at the thought and stepped into the hall.
  • “Olivia, all of you look busy today. Do you need any help?” She approached the housemaid and offered to give her a hand.
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