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Chapter 704 Whatever It Takes

  • “Stop saving him!”
  • The woman paid no heed to the man's instruction and continued checking on the heavily injured man's condition.
  • She turned around and gasped out her suggestion in a hoarse voice, “Dr. Wallen, we need to rush him to the hospital as soon as possible!”
  • Jonathan stopped Grayson from rushing to Sebastian's side. He asked, “What do you think you're doing? Have I not made myself clear?”
  • Irked, Grayson glared at Jonathan in the eyes and asked in a callous tone, “Jonathan! Are you sure you're not going to regret your decision? Aren't you aware he's the sole successor of your beloved son? If he's dead, it's over for Shin!”
  • Jonathan gaped at his comrade's question because he was also against the idea of killing Sebastian. Otherwise, he wouldn't have confronted Sebastian and tried to force him into submission.
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