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Chapter 694 Is There Any Other Method To Save Him

  • Devin was at a loss for words. He did not have any courage to explain further and could only pull her out of the ward by force.
  • Nevertheless, Sabrina struggled frantically till she shrugged him off. After that, she dashed toward Sebastian, who was still seated beside the window.
  • After wiping her tears away, she crouched next to him. “Sebastian, look at me! I'm your sister! Look at me closely! It's me, your sister. Do you remember that you are my younger brother?” She forced a smile and kept reminding him that she was his sister, and he was her brother.
  • It suddenly struck her that they had never really been on good terms for almost three decades.
  • Right that instant, Sabrina felt bitter as indecipherable mixed emotions crept into her heart.
  • Oblivious to her words, Sebastian continued to fix his gaze on the book indifferently.
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