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Chapter 690 A Changed Person

  • “Wait. What?” Taken aback by this newfound information, Jonathan turned to face his son.
  • Stephen nodded hastily. “I'm not making this up! One of the maids overheard Sebastian and Tiffany's conversation and confessed to me. She even revealed Sabrina's kidnapped location.”
  • More so than anyone, Stephen would not lie about this. This wonderful piece of news could potentially clear his son, Devin, of his accusations.
  • “Tiffany Jadeson! Is what Stephen said the truth? Has your family gone nuts to have done such a thing!” Jonathan bore his eyes on that half-dead woman lying on the ground.
  • Tiffany, who had barely recovered some of her senses was back to ground zero. Jonathan's confrontation drained off all the blood from her face.
  • “N-No! Grandpa, please listen to my explanation...”
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