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Chapter 664 Come With Me

  • As a matter of fact, Sebastian wasn't the one pulling the strings when he was merely the president of Hayes Corporation.
  • It would be impossible for him to assert influence over the police from Jetroina and the international journalists within such a short span of time.
  • In other words, the only one capable of asserting influences over so many parties at the same time was the Jadesons.
  • Yancy had successfully gotten on their nerves with her vicious plan. In an attempt to gain ownership over Hayes Corporation, she thought of a series of things to force Sebastian into submission.
  • Unfortunately, she had brought the fight to the wrong party because even though she was aware Sebastian was a member of the Jadesons, she had tried to paint the picture differently.
  • In an attempt to mislead others into perceiving Sebastian as the illegitimate son of Frieda and Frederick, she had successfully irked the Jadesons.
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