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Chapter 654 A Handsome Young Man

  • She never thought the man whom she was head over heels in love with would spend a night in bed with another woman for her sake.
  • She wasn't sure if she was in a position to blame him when she was the reason things had turned out as such.
  • Am I supposed to hold him accountable when he has approached her because of my absurd request?
  • He can return the favor by granting her a fortune or allowing her to make a name out of herself over the night! Why hasn't he offered her something else? Why has he given in to her request?
  • Does he really consider me his wife? Does he still care about this family of ours? Isn't he aware trust is the foundation of a marriage?
  • Slouching against the couch, torrents of grief streamed down Sasha's cheeks since things had gotten to the point of no return.
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