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Chapter 653 He Drove Them All Away

  • Fortunately for Sabrina, she had decent reflex and could move out of the way. Otherwise, there would've been blood all over the floor she was standing on.
  • “Have you forgotten why you're still standing here right now, Sabrina?” Sebastian shouted, coldly and angrily.
  • Those words were like salt on her wound, and Sabrina exploded with rage upon hearing them. “What do you mean by that, huh? How dare you bring that up now?”
  • She saw her banishment back then as the greatest humiliation of all time, but Sebastian couldn't care less about her feelings as he took things up a notch with his response.
  • “Why wouldn't I? Right now, I think that decision was the wisest one I've ever made in handling your case! Had Sasha not been with you at the time, I wouldn't have let you return at all!”
  • “You...”
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