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Chapter 652 Sibling Confrontation

  • Sasha stood rooted to the spot as her mind went blank. All she could do was stared at Roxanne in disbelief.
  • How? How did this happen? He would never lay a finger on this woman before, so... Last night... Why would he...
  • “Dr. Nancy? Dr. Nancy?” one nurse cried out when she noticed something was amiss.
  • While Sasha was staggering backward to hold herself steady, Roxanne's words dealt yet another tremendous blow to her.
  • “You're probably wondering why he'd sleep with me when he wouldn't even touch me back then, huh? Well, I'll tell you why. It's because you're filthy, Sasha! It's only natural that a man like him who values loyalty over everything else would seek comfort in a pure individual like myself!”
  • By combining her nasty insults with her intensive knowledge of psychology, Roxanne delivered maximum damage and crushed Sasha completely.
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