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Chapter 644 A Battle To The Death

  • “You mean... Mrs. Hayes?” Luke's eyes went wide from the sudden realization.
  • Sebastian, on the other hand, was exceptionally calm as he placed his glass down like he had just taken care of a huge problem.
  • Given how critical the situation is, Yancy is bound to send a more ruthless assassin if she goes to see Sasha again! If she has Sasha at her mercy, then Hayes Corporation would fall into hers and Solomon's hands! Sasha would become the hated person to both Hayes Corporation and Sebastian! This is way too scary! Do I have to be so ruthless to come up with such an elaborate and cruel scheme just to make her leave me? If I do this, there's no turning back for us.
  • “Mr. Hayes... Do you really want to do this? How will you reconcile with Mrs. Hayes afterward? There will be no turning back!” Luke asked anxiously.
  • “Do you think the Jadesons will give me a way out?” Sebastian asked with a sarcastic smile. His words pierced into Luke's heart like an icy blade, causing the latter to go pale and speechless in response.
  • He's right... There's no way that military family would show him any mercy... Looks like this will be a battle to the death, so protecting everything and everyone that he cares about before the said battle is all he could do.
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