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Chapter 626 It Is Not Too Late

  • “Devin actually feels really guilty about it. He wants to drop by, but his family had locked him up, so he can't,” said Jake to defend Devin. The former deliberated it, but he felt he should defend the latter anyway.
  • Karl, however, scoffed upon hearing that.
  • Guilt?
  • Mr. Hayes called Devin after learning that he was the one who took Frieda away. If Devin actually cared, he wouldn't have hung up on Mr. Hayes.
  • Moreover, when we reached the train and saw him in person, he didn't let Mr. Hayes leave with his mom. Instead, Devin kept negotiating and asked if he could take Frieda to the Jadesons' Residence first.
  • What bullsh*t. There was no way Frieda could survive if she was brought over.
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