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Chapter 61 She Is A Person Too

  • Sebastian returned to his desk, lit a cigarette, and took a long puff. He then tapped on the desk with a slender finger, signaling the vice president to pass him the project document, which he proceeded to review then and there.
  • Several minutes later, he finished reading the report and tossed the document onto his desk.
  • “What's the problem with what she said?”
  • “Pardon me, sir?”
  • Sebastian's reaction was so different from his own, so much so that the vice president became baffled in an instant.
  • Sebastian leveled an icy glare at him. “The chairman wants to sell his company, but then he wants to own it too. How is that different from a whore claiming that she's still a virgin? Telling him to take his GDP to Wall Street is a relatively polite comeback, in my opinion. If I were the one who answered that call, I would have told him to set his bloody factory and himself on fire!”
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