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Chapter 576 Join Me

  • She knew she deserved a better opportunity at Wall Street as well. However, she just couldn't bear to leave her family when they needed her.
  • When she was about to share the proposal with him, he announced, “Actually, I think it's a waste of your talent if you remain a member of Hayes Corporation.”
  • “H-Huh? W-Why is that, Mr. Will?”
  • “It seems like Mr. Hayes doesn't appreciate you and your talents when all he did was to send you to approach me. On top of that, he didn't even bother to express his concern over you when you had just braced yourself through a heavy snowstorm for the company's sake.”
  • The foreigner in front of her was spot on. All of a sudden, Sasha was overwhelmed by tidal waves of emotions and couldn't bring herself to savor the dishes anymore.
  • She had no intention to talk about the things he had brought up, but she couldn't deny he was right because no one bothered to express their concerns over her.
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