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Chapter 549 A Qualified Son In Law

  • After two days, at the Hayes Residence.
  • After moving in with the kids, everyone in the house got along swimmingly. No one felt unused to it because they had all gone through the crisis.
  • “Sasha, have you had your meal? We have some cake and home-made juice at our place. I can bring them over if you'd like.”
  • “Oh, you're too kind, Cheryl.”
  • It was Thanksgiving, so Sasha and Wendy were busy getting ready and had not cooked just yet when Ethan's wife came over to ask them to try some food that she had made.
  • “Don't say that. We're family. Even if you're not hungry, I'm sure the kids are famished at this point. Let me bring them over to let them have it first.”
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