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Chapter 47 Ian Had Fallen Ill

  • It was hours later when Sasha finally came home. She checked her phone and saw about a dozen missed calls from Luke. Ah! I have totally forgotten to go over to Frontier Bay tonight to treat Sebastian.
  • When Sasha was at Solomon's place, he not only showed her the references from law books but also explained to her in detail the methods one could use to gather court-admissible evidence. She had immersed herself in listening to Solomon's explanation of the relevant legal proceedings and forgotten about Frontier Bay.
  • Should I still head over now?
  • The momentary thought entered her mind. But it soon disappeared as she recalled what had happened during the day. Well, I still have some self-respect. Since that scum was willing to hurl all sorts of insults in my face for that phony woman, why should I care if he is suffering!
  • At that thought, Sasha decided to just wash up and go to bed with her children.
  • The night passed peacefully.
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