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Chapter 464 Are You Really Bankrupt

  • “I followed these guys here. Mr. Hayes, did something happen during your trip to the city today?” Karl asked while tossing the items he took from them onto the floor.
  • A syringe filled with anesthetic, a coil of rope, and two silenced pistols with an intricate design... Are these men here to kill me? No, Solomon wouldn't dare go that far just yet. Besides, he should know he doesn't have what it takes to kill me!
  • Sebastian narrowed his eyes at the thought of that.
  • “Wait here,” he mumbled as he went into the bedroom and returned moments later with a folder in his hand.
  • “What is this?” Karl asked.
  • “Share transfer agreements from Peter and a few other shareholders. He came to see me today and gave these to me, but I refused to accept them. Little did I know, he handed them over to Sasha instead,” Sebastian replied while staring furiously at the documents like he wanted to rip them all to shreds.
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