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Chapter 44 Daddy Are You Sure

  • Ian fell silent.
  • He was not unfamiliar with Xandra and had always known her to be a two-faced phony who would put up a show in his father's presence. But he didn't tell on her as he didn't want to stir up trouble.
  • As for Daddy, his temperament is the worst. The way he treated Mommy on that boat was just mean!
  • With that thought, Ian agreed that the two of them should swap back to their original identities. After hanging up the phone, Ian did as Matteo told him and tricked his sister into buying him some food downstairs. He then left the rental apartment and took a cab back to Frontier Bay.
  • After a few minutes, Ian successfully sneaked into his bedroom in Royal Court One without anyone noticing. This was the first time the twins met each other in person since their births.
  • “Whoa! We really do look exactly like each other!” exclaimed Matteo as he finally saw his twin brother in the flesh for the first time.
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