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Chapter 416 The Shocking Truth

  • A hush fell over the ballroom. Even Millie, who was about to lash out at Sebastian, kept quiet after seeing the thunderous look on the latter's face.
  • “So that's why she didn't want to attend the ball with me?” he muttered. The rising anger was like a blazing inferno that threatened to boil him from the inside out.
  • Karl silently agreed, but he did not dare to say that out loud. Instead, he gestured at Sebastian's hand, from which a piece of broken glass shard was protruding. “Mr. Hayes, are you all right...? You're bleeding.”
  • His words fell on deaf ears as Sebastian stood. “Excuse me,” he addressed the crowd, “I have some matters to attend. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”
  • The rest watched him leave in stunned silence. None dared to question his abrupt departure, but the murderous look on his face had everyone speculating about what had happened.
  • Eager to write off the episode, Millie quickly found someone else as her beau for the night.
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