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Chapter 413 What Made You Marry Me

  • Her brows furrowed. “I can say the same to you, Solomon. What are you doing here?”
  • The other smiled placatingly. “Sinch Enterprise recently hired me and they sent me here as a representative.”
  • Sasha eyed him dubiously. Ever since she came to realize that he had lied to her time and again, she took his words with a grain of salt. Knowing that he took down Prime Cloud Corporation just so he could get close to her, she felt she could no longer trust him as before.
  • “I see. Well, we're leaving now. Have a good day,” she said simply and turned to her companion with a beseeching expression. “Shall we go, Sebastian?” If we don't, I'm afraid you'll explode.
  • The business tycoon remained seated in the chair as if Sasha had not spoken. He thumbed the pages of the publication leisurely, but the air around him was frosty enough to make alarms ring in her mind.
  • “As far as I know, Sinch Enterprise in Jetroina is a family business leaning quite heavily toward nepotism. The senior management, including their legal team, is run by an oligarchy.” He drilled Solomon with a penetrating gaze. “So pray tell, Mr. George, how did you manage this impressive feat of getting into the company?”
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