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Chapter 401 Are You Worried

  • “Sebastian...”
  • This man looks so grim.
  • On his chiseled face, every line and curve contributed to his unnerving hostility. Between his brows were creased lines from frowning. A strong gust of murderous rage emanated from him, and not to forget, the horrifying look of his desire to skin Sasha alive and crush her into pieces was blasting from his eyes.
  • “You're getting bolder, huh?” Towering over her, he gave her a death stare for a good few seconds before spitting those words out.
  • Instantly, Sasha obediently admitted her fault. “Yeah, I'm at fault. I shouldn't have come here alone to discuss business with that kind of people. You know, no one has ever taught me anything. I've never worked in this industry, so I'm clueless. That's why I came when he asked me to.”
  • What? Did I hear it wrong? No one taught her? What about those reminders I told her this morning?
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