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Chapter 399 I Will Agree If You Let Me Have Her

  • “Look at this place! Do you still dare to go in?” Brandon asked.
  • Sasha was silent, her face pale. But since I'm already here, I can't back out. I'll go in and take a look. If it's too much, then I'll leave.
  • Lifting her skirt slightly so that she would not step on it, she walked into the club, her heels clicking on the floor.
  • With her graceful gait and simple makeup that highlighted her features, she looked just like a flower in full bloom. As soon as she stepped into the nightclub, all eyes fell on her.
  • “Is this the newest arrival at Golden Gate Club?” someone remarked.
  • “Looks like it. Someone like her is a breath of fresh air. She's much better than the uncouth ones around here,” another person said.
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