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Chapter 394 Have Mommy And Daddy Meet

  • Sasha was a little busy throughout the next couple of days.
  • Having returned with Lance, the two of them had to renovate their family home.
  • As such, the two of them had no time to look after Vivian and had to leave her at the Hayes Residence.
  • “Sha, Sebastian hasn't come to visit us at all... Are you sure it's okay to leave Vivi there with them?” Lance asked worriedly.
  • He had become a lot more reserved and sentimental ever since that eventful night in Moranta.
  • Sasha flashed him a slight smile and said, “Of course it's okay! He's Vivi's grandpa, and we have a lot on our hands right now. I don't see anything wrong with having him look after her for a few days.”
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