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Chapter 387 Take Good Care Of Yourself

  • Sasha couldn't help but feel uncomfortable about the way he had phrased that sentence.
  • Why does it sound like he's giving me a sad farewell speech or something? Is he still worried about me being abducted while onboard? Jeez...
  • Not liking the oddly melancholic atmosphere, Sasha gave him a slap on the back and said, “What do you mean you won't be by my side anymore? You'd better be sure to come to carry me down the plane when we land!”
  • She then returned to her cabin while Lance stood there with his gaze fixated on her.
  • It wasn't until the door to the first class cabin was shut that someone approached him. “Let's go, sir. Howard has just come on board.”
  • Lance then turned around and left without looking back.
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